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GoogleNemesis, review update. July, 12

The GoogleNemesis was updated. Three new videos are now available, to the google nemesis members: BeginnerĀ“s video – intro to Adwords & Clickbank How to spot the shadow elite Keyword research & product selection, overview The most interesting, and valuable new bonus are the Adwords Miracle, and Google Wealth Wizard. They are both introductory, and […]

Google Nemesis is live – Review

The long waited internet marketing product, GoogleNemesis, is now live. It is a membership site, with a promotional starting price of 67 usd (soon to be increased) , monthly. It comes with Google Nemesis software, the heart of the system, a point and click(and copy/paste), prduct review creator, instructionl videos, and documents. The author itself […]

Google Nemesis or GoogleNemesis?

Whatever will be the name, will it be the next internet automated money making machine? The author of this, soon to be released, is Chris Chris “X”, the author of Day Job Killer, Affiliate Project X and Google Assassin … all big internet marketing best seller. * Day Job Killer sold over 9,000 copies in […]